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Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer:

Accurate Temperature Readings in One Second


Designed with Infrared Technology:

The Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer makes it easy to take accurate temperature The Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer makes it easy to take accurate temperature readings without physical contact. Using infrared technology, this innovative thermometer scans and measures the temperature on the forehead. This non-contact infrared thermometer is equipped with three temperature modes: Body, Room, and Surface.


LCD Display:

The Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer features an LCD display that makes it easy to read and record temperatures.


One-Second Measurement:

No need to worry about long lines forming for temperature readings when using this infrared thermometer, which measures temperatures in one second.


Helps Prevent Cross Contamination:

Since there is no physical contact needed to scan and measure temperatures with the Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer, it can be used repeatedly.


How to Measure Temperatures"

To use the Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer, place the thermometer 1.2" to 2" (3 cm to 5 cm) away from the individual's forehead. Click the scanner and the temperature displays instantly.


Versatile Non-Contact Thermometer:

The Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer can be used on all ages to measure temperatures. This easy-to-use thermometer makes taking temperatures convenient, precise, and efficient.


  • Non-contact clinical thermometer JXB-178
  • Measurement of body/object/room temperature
  • Hygienic and safe-measure without skin contact
  • Measurement in <1 second Infrared measurement technology
  • Display in Centigrade or Fahrenheit
  • Free high temperature alarm setting
  • Unit size: 155 x 100 x 40 mm (L x W x H)
  • Unit weight (including batteries): 105g
  • Temperature display resolution: 0.1°C and 0.1°F
  • Measuring range: - In body mode: 32°C ~ 43°C (89.6°F ~ 109.4°F) -
  • Under body mode, there is three color backlist:
  • Green color backlit : ≤37.3°C (99.1°F), means normal temperature.
  • Orange color backlit: 37.4~37.9 °C (99.3~100.2 °F), means low fever.
  • Red color backlit: ≥38°C (100.4°F), means high fever.
  • In surface temp mode: 0°C ~ 60°C (32°F ~ 140°F) -
  • In room mode: 0°C ~ 40°C (32°F ~ 104°F)
  • Precision: 32.0°C ~ 34.9°C (89.6°F ~ 94.8°F) : ±0.3°C (±0.6°F)
  • 35.0°C ~ 42.0°C (95°F ~ 107.6°F) : ±0.2°C (±0.4°F)
  • 42.1°C ~ 43°C (107.8°F ~ 109.4°F) : ±0.3°C (±0.6°F)
  • Consumption: ≤ 300 Mw
  • Accuracy: ± 0.3°C (0.6°F)
  • Measuring distance: 3cm ~ 5cm (1.2in ~ 2in)
  • Automatic power-off: ≤30 secs
  • Memory: 32 sets

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

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