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Comfees Training Pants, Boys 3T/4T


ID #: CMF-B3


Comfees® Baby. Happy Mom. Comfort and dryness from the very start. Comfees® offers a wide range of products to grow with your little one from Premium Baby Diapers to Youth Training Pants.


Comfees® Premium Training Pants have everything you need for the potty training needs.

  • The soft stretchable sides feel like real underwear to help your child easily pull them on and off.
  • For quick removal needs, Comfees® Training Pants sides are also easy to tear.
  • The boy and girl training pants have fun designs your toddler will love and a wetness indicator that fades when wet to help with the training process.


  • Wetness indicator
  • Pull on like real underwear
  • Fun designs
  • Easy tear-away sides
  • Features
  • Designed for Boys
  • Easy Tear-Away Sides
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Incontinence Type: Urinary
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Size: 3T-4

Comfees Training Pants, Boys 3T/4T

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