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Attends Briefs, Maximum Absorbency, X-Large (58"-63")


Item #: DDA40


Attends Briefs with Maximum Absorbency, offers enhanced protection, and features SecureGrip™ fastening for a snug fit for adult incontinence users.


Attends Briefs with Maximum Absorbency are designed for users with heavy to severe incontinence. This high-performance brief boasts several premium benefits, including SecureGrip™ fastening. This feature provides a reliable and snug fit. The expanded fastening area improves grip and easy application of the briefs. With SmartCool™ breathable materials, ConfidenceCuff™ Protection, and Dry-Lock® Core, this brief helps you stay dry throughout the day or night. Enjoy a cloth-like material for premium softness and comfort and experience odor control.


  • SecureGrip ™ fastening provides a reliable and snug fit with an expanded fastening area, improving grip and easy application of the brief.
  • Breathable Side Panels
  • Super Absorbent Core that helps prevent leaks
  • Easy-to-read, time-saving wetness indicator
  • Odor Shield
  • Premium Softness


Attends Max Absorbency Briefs, XL

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